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Repurposing of the office building at 195 Dufferin Avenue is just the first step in reimagining the space around St. Paul’s Cathedral

The Anglican Diocese of Huron and St. Paul’s Cathedral are a part of an exciting affordable housing initiative in downtown London that will see one of the office buildings repurposed to feature 94 residential units. The property is located at 195 Dufferin Avenue and stands on the diocesan land leased to Sifton Properties Limited, which owns the building.

The project of conversion, officially announced on April 15, is a partnership between Sifton Properties, Homes Unlimited (London) Inc., the Diocese of Huron and St. Paul’s Cathedral. Sifton Properties Limited will donate the building and oversee reconstruction phases for Homes Unlimited, who will assume operational responsibilities for the property.

Construction is planned to begin this summer, and the occupancy of 80 one-bedroom and 14 two-bedroom units is expected by fall 2025. The collaboration is seen as an innovative not for profit private partnership model that may contribute to the City of London goal of creating 3,000 new affordable housing units.

For the Diocese of Huron, the project represents the opening stage in the process of transformation of its downtown properties with the idea to reclaim Cathedral’s vital role in London’s spiritual and social life.

“St. Paul's Cathedral and the Anglican Diocese of Huron recognize this as an environmentally and community leading choice for the property.  This is the first step in a multi-stage plan that will see the reimagining of this block into a creative centre hub and neighbourhood in collaboration with the City of London” says Bishop Todd Townshend.

For this purpose, the Diocese has teamed up with Trinity Centres Foundation. They will work together on creative reimagining of St. Paul’s and surrounding area, but also of other sites across Huron. More good news to come!!